MiLC 2020 Week 2 Roundup: Patel smashes yet another ton

Minor League Cricket, USA
MiLC 2020, Week 2

After an exciting first week, the Minor League Cricket (MiLC) continued in full flow this weekend. While most teams picked up from where they had left in the last week, many others registered victories to get their campaign rolling. The exhibition matches played this year mark domestic cricket’s return to the United States of America.

Darpan Patel registers his second MiLC Century:

Darpan Patel
Courtesy: USA Cricketers

It’s almost like Darpan Patel is taking this entire tournament by storm. Playing for the Atlanta Param Veers, Darpan Patel only gained momentum further from where his blistering batting was halted last time. Almost as if Darpan carried his own batting surface along, he massacred the bowlers to all parts yet again. In a knock of a 106 the Atlanta captain included as many as 13 sixes and 4 boundaries. Moreover, his knock came of only 36 balls symbolising his supremacy and command over both, his batting as well as the opposition. Not a surprise, the 162 run target against Morrisville Cardinals looked only a formality. Atlanta ParamVeers pocketed the match by 8 wickets with 35 balls to spare. The win helped ATPV attain the top spot after losing one against Atlanta Fire.

Earlier in the day, in the same match, the opposition captain Jaskaran Malhotra also registered his maiden MiLC ton 100(65). Though it came off 65 balls, almost half as fast as Darpan’s in the second innings, Malhotra showed great grit and determination toiling the bowlers for 7 sixes and 4 fours.

Summary of the games that happened over the weekend:

19th September 2020:

  1. New Jersey Somerset Cavaliers CC vs NJ Stallions, Howe Athletic Complex, NJ
    (NJ Stallions won by 45 runs)NJ Stallions 149/3 (20 Overs): Dominique Rikhi 71 not out, Savan Patel 34, Gavon Brown 18
    New Jersey Somerset Cavaliers CC Bowling: Jasdeep Singh 4-23-1, Juanoy Drysdale 4-26-1, Usman Ashraf 2.4-28-1

    New Jersey Somerset Cavaliers CC 104/10 (19.2 Overs): Chanderpaul Hemraj 17, Aaron Jones 27, Jasdeep Singh 10
    NJ Stallions Bowling: Gavon Brown 3.2-1-9-4, Umair Ali 4-13-1, Oraine Williams 4-32-1, Rushi Amin 4-15-3

    Man of the match: Gavon Brown

  2. Atlanta Param Veers vs Atlanta Fire, Atlanta Cricket Fields #1
    (Atlanta Fire won by 6 wickets)Atlanta Param Veers 190/5 (20.0 Overs): Darpan Patel 48 and Garth Garvey 87 from 44 balls (6x6s 8x6s)
    Atlanta Fire Bowling: Jaydeep Desai 4-18-2, Azeem Charania 4-31-1, Sahil Charania 3-21-1, Camilus Alexander 2- 41-1

    Atlanta Fire 191/4 (19.2 Overs): Rishi Bhardwaj 81 from 41 balls (6x4s, 6x6s), Sagar Patel 46, Sahil Charania 28
    Atlanta Param Veers Bowling: Heer Patel 4-28-1, Darpan Patel 3-22-2

    Man of the match: Rishi Bhardwaj

  3. Silicon Valley Strikers vs Golden State Grizzlies, Arroyo Park, Davis
    (Silicon Valley Strikers won by 25 runs)Silicon Valley Strikers 171/4 (20 Overs): Srinivas Raghavan 21, Pranay Suri 46, Shadley Van Schalkwyk and Gary Graham 42 and 33 not out respectively
    Golden State Grizzlies Bowling: Saurabh Naresh Netravalkar 4-18-1, Saad Khan 4-23-3

    Golden State Grizzlies 146/6 (20 Overs): Srinivasan Mohan 44, Muhammad Akhtar 54, Saqib Saleem 18
    Silicon Valley Strikers Bowling: Shadley Van Schalkwyk 4-21-1, Sheryar Khan 4-18-2, Pranay Suri 4-38-2

    Man of the match: Pranay Suri

  4. Austin Athletics vs Houston Hurricanes, Prarie View Cricket Complex #1
    (Austin Athletics won by 3 wickets)Houston Hurricanes 169/3 (20 Overs): Rana Ali 25, Rameez Raja 103 not out (from 64 balls, 3x6s and 7x4s), Shayan Jahangir 37
    Austin Athletics Bowling: Awais Mubarak 2-0-14-1, Majjid Zubair 4-0-34-2

    Austin Athletics 174/7 (18.3 Overs): Sidhesh Pathare 28, Ali Samad 57 not out, Ahmed Butt 33
    Houston Hurricanes Bowling: Naseer Jamali 2-24-1, Adnan Haroon 4-18-3, Shuja Naqvi 3.3-42-1, Usman Rafiq 3-28-1

    Man of the match: Ali Samad

  5. Atlanta Param Veers vs Morrisville Cardinals, Atlanta Cricket Fields #1
    (Atlanta Param Veers won by 8 wickets)Morrisville Cardinals 161/5 (20 Overs): Jaskaran Malhotra 100 of 65 balls (7x6s and 4x4s), Roy Silva 12, Abhiram Bolisetty 20

    Atlanta Param Veers 164/2 (14.1 Overs): Darpan Patel 106 from 36 deliveries (13x6s and 5x4s), Param Patel 28, Steven Taylor 10, Garth Garvey 17
    Morrisville Cardinals Bowling: Fahad Khan 4-29-1, Andre Dwyer 4-45-1

    Man of the match: Darpan Patel

  6. Golden State Grizzlies vs Silicon Valley Strikers, Arroyo Park, Davis
    (Silicon Valley Strikers won by 4 wickets)Golden State Grizzlies 146/10 (19.3 Overs): Mario Rampersaud 45, Barpreet Singh 27, Sohan Bhat 13, Saurabh Naresh Netravalkar 15
    Silicon Valley Strikers Bowling: Sheryar Khan 4-15-2, Shadley Van Schalkwyk 3.3-33-1, Pranay Suri 3-19-2, Abbas Jafri 3-21-2

    Silicon Valley Strikers 147/6 (19.2 Overs): Shadley Van Schalkwyk 67 not out (6x6s, 2x4s), Gary Graham 48, Anshul Pratap Singh 14 not out
    Golden State Grizzlies Bowling: Neeraj Goel 4-1-17-2, Saurabh Naresh Netravalkar 4-1-26-2, Asad Khan 4-22-1

    Man of the match: Shadley Van Schalkwyk

20th September 2020:

Usman Rafiq batting
Usman Rafiq was impressive in the encounter
  1. Houston Hurricanes vs Irving Mustangs, Prarie View Cricket Complex #1
    (Houston Hurricanes won by 6 wickets)Irving Mustangs 114/5 (20 Overs): Muhammad Waqas 12, Orlando Baker 43 not out, Petson Mathews 23,
    Houston Hurricanes Bowling: Usman Rafiq 4-28-1, Naseer Jamali 4-16-1, Hassan Rashid 4-34-1, Shayan Jahangir 4-14-1, Adnan Haroon 4-1-16-1

    Houston Hurricanes 115/4 (18 Overs): Rana Ali 33, Shayan Jahangir 19, Usman Rafiq 27, Adnan Haroon 20
    Irving Mustangs Bowling: Syed Najaf Shah 2-4-1, Muhammad Waqas 4-22-2, Nosthush Kenjige 4-22-0

    Man of the match: Usman Rafiq

  2. Morrisville Cardinals vs Atlanta Fire, Atlanta Cricket Fields #1
    (Morrisville Cardinals won by 87 runs)Morrisville Cardinals 218/8 (20 Overs): Muhammad Abdullah Shah 72, Jaskaran Malhotra 56, Roy Silva 37, Kunal Sehgal 19
    Atlanta Fire Bowling: Sahil Charania 4-50-1, Azeem Charania 4-17-1, Salman Safi 4-32-2, Camilus Alexander 3-36-2

    Atlanta Fire 131/10 (18.4 Overs): Amit Sood 44, Rishi Bhardwaj 17, Camilus Alexander 33
    Morrisville Cardinals Bowling: Nilesh Patil 3-22-1, Fahad Khan 4-22-1, Roy Silva 4-21-2, Rohan Phadke 4-28-5, Gautham Ravindran 0.4-0-1

    Man of the match: Rohan Phadke

  3. Michigan Cricket Stars vs Chicago Catchers, Lyon Oaks Cricket Ground, MI
    (Michigan Cricket Stars won by 4 runs)Michigan Cricket Stars 176/7 (20 Overs): Azher Ali Syed 42, Shaker Ahmed 72 not out Mohammed Rahin 16
    Chicago Catchers Bowling: Aamir Shahzad 4-18-1, Pruthvish Patel 2-29-1, Karan Kumar 4-50-2, Sikander Soleja 3-17-2, Waseem Khan 2-20-1

    Chicago Catchers 172/7 (20 Overs): Sarwar Ghori 56, Waseem Khan 33, Karan Kumar 24, Saquib Choudhury 23
    Michigan Cricket Stars Bowling: Vraj Patel 4-33-1, Mufassir Ali 4-42-1, Ferhan Ali 3-33-1, Tirth Patel 3-29-2, Mahfuzur Rahman 2-15-1

  4. NJ Stallions vs New England Eagles, Howe Athletic Complex, NJ
    (NJ Stallions won by 26 runs)

    Dominique Rikhi in Minor League Cricket
    Rikhi was also awarded the man of the match for his half century

    NJ Stallions 169/5 (20 Overs): Dominique Rikhi 56, Savan Patel 40, Oraine Williams 18
    New England Eagles Bowling: Assad Fudadin 4-31-0, Bruce Blackwood 4-18-1, Alexandrino Kirton 4-30-3, Umair Mir 1-15-1

    New England Eagles 143/6 (20 Overs): Oniell Powell 24, Bruce Blackwood 42, Assad Fudadin 33, Alexandrino Kirton 14
    NJ Stallions Bowling: Gavon Brown 4-30-1, Umair Ali 4-34-2, Raymond Ramrattan 4-29-1, Oraine Williams 4-25-2

    Man of the Match: Dominique Rikhi

  5. Morrisville Cardinals vs Atlanta Fire, Atlanta Cricket Fields #1
    (Atlanta Fire won by 5 runs)Atlanta Fire 157/10 (19.5 Overs): Rishi Bhardwaj 31, Amrut Pore 39, Zain Sayed 26, Sahil Charania 15
    Morrisville Cardinals Bowling: Roy Silva 4-32-3, Rohan Phadke 4-45-3, Aditya Padala 2-15-2

    Morrisville Cardinals 152/7 (20 Overs): Roy Silva 30, Kunal Sehgal 46
    Atlanta Fire Bowling: Salman Safi 4-20-2, Sahil Charania 4-31-1, Pranavh Pradeep 3-26-1, Rishi Bhardwaj 3-29-1

    Man of the match: Rishi Bhardwaj

  6. Golden State Grizzlies vs East Bay Blazers, Arroyo Park, Davis
    (East Bay Blazers won by 9 wickets)

    Shiva Vashishat
    Shiva Vashishat’s contribution was key to the team’s win

    Golden State Grizzlies 116/8 (20 Overs): Mario Rampersaud 43, Muhammad Akhtar 19, Saurabh Naresh Netravalkar 13
    East Bay Blazers Bowling: Josh Dascombe 4-21-1, Ruchir Joshi 4-31-1, Rusty Theron 4-1-9-3, Aarnav Iyer 2-9-1, Nick Mclachlan 4-13-2

    East Bay Blazers 120/1 (16.1 Overs): Shiva Vashishat 59 not out, Rohith Ramkumar 10, Josh Dascombe 36 not out
    Golden State Grizzlies Bowling: Saurabh Naresh Netravalkar-4-28-0, Sohan Bhat 3-1-16-1, Mohit Nataraj 2-12-0

    Man of the match: Josh Dascombe

  7. Houston Hurricanes vs Austin Athletics, Prarie View Cricket Complex #1
    (Match abandoned and points are allotted equally)Austin Athletics 68/7 (13 Overs)
    Houston Hurricanes 0/0 (0 Overs)

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